Sanchita M.

Many thanks to Sri, Ojus and the team for their interactive sessions with kids to teach them Java in simple and easy steps. My son enjoyed the class and has developed interest in Java. He looks forward to attend the intermediate classes. Thanks again for your effort during COVID to provide the learning opportunity to the kids!

Umme H.

 “Thanks and truly appreciate your efforts!”

Ashok E.

“Thank you Srini, Ojus and the entire Hackathon4Kids team for teaching my child how to code with very simple and easy instructions for the kids to grasp and understand. My child is really looking forward to attend the intermediate class. This training program really made it fun and straightforward to learn how to code. With these simple instruction methods anyone can learn coding!”

Pavani C.

“Sessions were planned and executed very well and my kid could follow the instructions and was very excited for the class. This was the first time being exposed to coding and the kid thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned a lot. Thank you so much for doing such a fabulous job and looking forward to the upcoming sessions.”

Sanjith Shanmugavel

The Hackathon4Kids association has honestly been one of my favorite coding experiences ever. Over the years, I’ve gone to many coding classes and such but none of them have been as simple as Hackathon4Kids. Sri and Ojus make coding seem easy and their methods of explaining make everything easier. They have created an environment where there is no hesitation to ask a question and it truly feels like anyone can learn to code.

Manoj M.

Thank you Srinidhi, Ojus, and hackathon team for introducing my son to the Programming. Always, first step is most challenging, but you made it simple. Now my son is looking forward for intermediate class from your team.”


“I would like to thank Srinidhi, Ojus and team at hackathon4kids for taking the initiative of coding classes for kids during the COVID 19- a great constructive activity for kids who are under lockdown during this time . The classes were engaging and my son developed keen interest in coding after taking these classes. I’m already looking forward to a program where he can continue his learning. Thank you 😃”

Vijay R.

“My daughter, who is 10 year old has been taking this class since last year. Srinidhi is very patient in teaching my daughter, who is becoming very adapt in using InteliJ IDE. The whole team of instructors, Ojus, Michael and Sachin are very patient and willing to stay after the allocated 90 mins. During this unprecedented time of Corona pandemic, my daughter not only spent 2 hours in this class, but additional 2 hours every day preparing and doing home work. Keep it going and make this bigger!!! My donations are on the way!!!”

Lily Y.

“Since last year’s class, our kids have made some progress in their understanding of programming. Thanks! Appreciate your team’s initiative and kind offering!”

Shubha T.

“Thank you all for the awesome classes. My son […] loved attending all the 5 classes. He was a bit confused initially because he is 9 years old & its his first Java class. He has very basic coding knowledge on Scratch and nothing else but once he started understanding a bit more, he enjoyed it! Thank you for being patient with kids and for all your efforts.Thank you Sri, Michael and Ojus. Keep up the good work! All the best!”