Start a New Chapter


  • Hackathon4Kids is a self-governing, student-led organization. Every year, Hackathon4Kids members elect their student officers at school and state level during club meetings and state meetings. 
  • CA youth club members receive guidance and support from adult CA Chapter Executive Board and faculty advisors. 
  • The organization is funded by donors including companies and well-wishers.


Individual clubs from school belong to a county level, which belongs to State Level


There are 58 counties in CA. State will be led by a Governor. He/She is elected by delegates at the annual district convention. The governor will lead a board consisting of Lieutenant governors. They will provide various executive functions to run the board.


County is divided into divisions and each division has a lieutenant governor, a student leader who carries out the district’s policies and provides support to the clubs. The Lieutenant governor will be elected by the club presidents. They will represent the county at the state level.


Hackathon4Kids club is established in a high school or equivalent institution. A community-based club also may be chartered. Elected officers can include one or more presidents, vice president, secretary, treasurer, editor and one director from each class. 

The structure is depicted in the diagram below.

Hackathon4Kids Structure